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Read each exercise 3 times, at 3 different levels of energy.

Click Play to listen for example and Click Mute before Recording from Webcam 

Stage 1
Maximum Speech Dynamics 

Stage 2
Faster with Dynamics 

Stage 3
Normal Speed

Use webcam to record your video

If you have a webcam built into or connected to your computer, you can record a webcam video on Web and upload it directly to the site.

How to record your video:

Click the Icon
Record from webcam  
Select Close
Select Allow 

Preview and publish your video

Before you record your video, be sure to click the Mute Audio button 
so we hear only your voice on the recording.

you've recorded the video, you can preview it by clicking Review Recording.

Not happy with the video? No problem! Just click the Re-record. When you're satisfied with the video, click the Accept button.